Immigrating from the Domincan Republic, Syria and Algeria, The Literacy Center in Allentown was a safe haven. more

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They’ve collaborated with big names like NASCAR and Facebook. more

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Plan a visit for this summer! more

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You could be doing your favorite drink a major disservice. more

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Her goal was to go from a size 20 to 14. more

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One recently received France’s Medal of Honor. more

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Her journey started with the desire to shed some baby weight. more

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She has more than 30 years of experience. more

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Looking to go somewhere hot and sunny? more

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All four of them suggest shopping the perimeter at the grocery store. more


These locals have run 100-mile marathons. more

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You’ve definitely seen her before. more

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Let us help you navigate your new turf! more

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She’s even been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. more

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From family members to coworkers and politicians, these women are thankful for the ladies who’ve shaped them. more


These local women are as real as they come, and their fashion is remarkable. more


Get to know this musical trio and find them performing at pubs and festivals around the Valley. more


Here’s how Shane Burcaw is changing the world, one laugh at a time. more

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