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They’re blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. more

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These locals have run 100-mile marathons. more

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Living Well

After relocating for work ten times in 17 years, Paul and Kym Farr had no intentions of ever moving from the stone-and-stucco Center Valley house they had lovingly turned into a home for their three children. “We had it all done,” says Kym Far... more

Home Tours

This November it is an honor to tell the stories of three local veterans. Each of their experiences of life after deployment is unique. Each carries its own weight and meaning about the aspects of coming home again. Let us be forever mindful that... more


In our youth-obsessed culture, we can easily bypass some really great stories—the stories of our community’s guardians and sages; stories with historical merit and depth of perspective. Whether they are helping out, giving back or still working n... more


Donna Turner knew what her doctor was going to say before he said it.“I just had a feeling,” she says.Breast cancer. more


The turn of a hand, the flip of a switch, the swish of a brush—motion, emotion and imagination often entwine with these most mundane of movements to create beauty that catches the eye, and perhaps a bit more, of the beholder. more



photography by kenneth p. volpe/

Even if you enjoy your career, it’s still called work for a reason. Unless you happen to be one of these three Lehigh Valley men, who each live out the ultimate 9-to-5 fantasy on a daily basis. more