Volunteer Spotlight

He was the runner up for the national man of the year campaign, raising more than $329,000. more

Oct 12, 2017 9:18 AM Volunteer Spotlight

You’ve definitely seen her before. more

Sep 5, 2017 4:18 PM Volunteer Spotlight

Katie Wallace finds volunteering to be the most empowering gift. more

Aug 9, 2017 11:16 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Birchfield wears many hats, but her passion is giving back to the community. more

Jul 25, 2017 12:00 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Makenna Lenover was just fourteen years old when she founded Little Known Help Zone—a nonprofit organization that is devoted to advocating for human rights in Central American countries while also implementing sustainable solutions. more

Apr 28, 2017 8:30 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Rose Ostrowski may look like the average 12-year-old seventh grader from Berwick, but she has amazing skill and passion to spare. In 2012, with the support of her family, Rose set the goal of using her singing talents to help raise money for the ... more

Apr 1, 2017 12:00 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Mike and Terese Cudwadie have been longtime advocates of Dorneyville’s Angel Shop, a major contributor to Mary’s Shelter in Reading. As the parents of two sons, the loneliness of them being away at school inspired Mike and Terese to further their... more

Feb 28, 2017 10:56 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Catherine Benincasa has been volunteering at the Cetronia Ambulance Corps every Thursday for the past six years and works extra days as needed. Benincasa, who has Down syndrome, first began volunteering there because she wanted to help people. Ce... more

Jan 31, 2017 7:49 AM Volunteer Spotlight

In 2009, when Ashanti Littlejohn was in high school, she began investing in her college career. She started volunteering at St. Luke’s University Health Network’s main campus with the goal to one day work there, and she has been volunteering with... more

Jan 18, 2017 12:02 PM Volunteer Spotlight

When Logan Houptley moved to Nazareth Area School District in 2004, one of his first friends was Mikayla. Mikayla was brain damaged at birth, which resulted in spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, severe intellectual disability, seizure disorder,... more

Dec 13, 2016 12:49 PM Volunteer Spotlight

When Nick Ogutu started attending Cedar Crest College, he was looking for a way to continue his passion and commitment to human rights. From the ground up, he started Amnesty International Cedar Crest College Chapter. Amnesty International is a g... more

Oct 28, 2016 1:11 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Donate.Local.Simple is an organization dedicated to connecting those in need with those willing to give. The organization was founded roughly seven years ago by Trish Dilg when she and her family relocated to the Lehigh Valley and realized its ne... more

Sep 28, 2016 9:11 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Bill and Chris Hankee founded the Krysta Hankee Memorial Fund in 2007 in memory of their daughter, Krysta Hankee. Krysta died at the age of 22, a few days after having collapsed while exercising. As a way to keep her memory alive and pay forward ... more

Aug 29, 2016 10:05 AM Volunteer Spotlight

The America Reads challenge was a government initiative formed during the Clinton Administration, which challenged hundreds of thousands of volunteers to gather and tutor children who were at the risk of falling behind in school. Through individu... more

Jul 29, 2016 9:59 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Nestled in Lehigh University’s Bethlehem campus is a dynamic “hub” at which the university’s faculty, staff and students are encouraged to form community partnerships in order to become engaged, active citizens through learning and research proje... more

Jul 11, 2016 8:14 AM Volunteer Spotlight

“I live for today,” says heart disease survivor Teresa Wright-Johnson. Her experience has taught her that life is a gift, and every moment must be treasured. Born with a heart defect and an abnormal heart valve, Wright-Johnson has had multiple op... more

Jun 10, 2016 4:47 PM Volunteer Spotlight

Many know the recent Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Andre Reed and his most recent reverence in Allentown, when the field at the J. Birney Crum Stadium was named in his honor. At that time, Reed demonstrated his philanthropic nature by pre... more

Mar 29, 2016 8:38 AM Volunteer Spotlight

Kimberly Adams has spent her life volunteering for a multitude of organizations, but lately, she’s focused her efforts on doing construction for Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley. As soon as she attended a few how-to workshops at her loca... more

Feb 26, 2016 10:02 AM Volunteer Spotlight

If you read Lehigh Valley news, the name Stephen Flowers is one you’re familiar with. He’s been on the radar for years, but lately, his incredible community service has taken on a new life. From free haircuts for the homeless to his recent debut ... more

Jan 28, 2016 8:54 AM Volunteer Spotlight

An active member of the junior board of directors, Kylee Messenlehner has contributed nearly 200 hours of volunteer work to Camelot for Children’s mission. Kylee puts her entire heart into her volunteer work, approaching challenges with a can-do ... more

Dec 29, 2015 9:47 AM Volunteer Spotlight