Megan George


photo by donovan roberts witmer

As the clock finally strikes 4 p.m., I wish I could jump for joy that my workday is nearly over, but the truth is, I am only halfway through it. I had my doubts about being able to adapt to my jam-packed schedule this semester, but it feels almos... Read more


Happy fall everyone! Or perhaps since I am working on a magazine timeline right now, I should say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. When I first began interning here at LV Style, I felt completely disoriented with my seasons and holidays consid... Read more


While creating a durable and beautiful patio can be a substantial investment, you’ll feel even better about it when you realize this precious outdoor space can utilized beyond just spring and summer. Read more


Hi! I’m Megan George and I am the fall editorial intern here at Lehigh Valley Style. Read more