By Carrie Havranek, Amy Unger and Christopher Hippensteel | Photography by Marco Calderon and Alison Conklin

This year, we are more inspired than ever by the unshakeable, tireless, spirited businesses in our community. Despite a pandemic temporarily closing so many of their doors, we saw pivoting and persistence like never before. We are so proud to celebrate these businesses that garnered more than 26,000 votes from Style readers!

Best Fitness Class


Barre3 designs classes that help clients improve their mental and physical well-being, no matter their ability or experience level. And with two locations in the Lehigh Valley, you’re never too far from the studio. Not comfortable returning to the gym just yet? Don’t worry, you can bring the studio to you with Barre3’s online workouts.

3900 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown | 610.841.8200 | 3303 Bath Pike, Bethlehem | 610.625.5955 |

Best Gym/Fitness Center

St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports
Performance Center

St. Luke’s offers an exclusive fitness experience tailored to each client’s goals, whether you’re a beginner just getting started or a high-performing athlete looking to take your game to the next level. Their exercise specialists will use your personalized fitness assessment to develop a workout plan designed to fit your individual needs, and then provide you with one-on-one instruction to set you on the right path.

Various area locations |

Best Personal Training

Forward Thinking Fitness

Forward Thinking Fitness offers an in-depth approach that allows for one-on-one attention and personalized results. What's more, sessions are available for scheduling every hour of the day to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility.
Photo courtesy of Forward Thinking Fitness

6750 Iroquois Trl. Suite 12, Allentown | 610.395.9595 |

Best Yoga Studio

Hot Yoga Hut

Anyone who doubts that yoga can be a full body sweat-fest should pay a visit to Bethlehem’s Hot Yoga Hut. While the center offers classes that cater to all ages and abilities, the most popular ones are also the most intense, says Ali Trexler, who manages the studio with her husband, Tim. “Our hot room combines equal heat and humidity,” she says. “People really crave that deep, intense sweat.” Among the most in-demand classes is the Hot 40-RP program, a 75-minute set made up of 40 different postures, which was created by Trexler’s mother and the studio’s founder, Randi Perrett. There’s also Hot Abs, which isn’t really yoga at all, but a 45-minute cardio and abs combination that will leave you drenched, says Trexler. Hot Yoga Hut specializes in the Ashtanga style of yoga, which is known as being the most physically demanding. According to Trexler, all of the studio’s teachers have been trained in New York City. “Your studio is only as good as your instructors,” she says. The transformations she sees in the Hut’s dedicated tribe are one of her main motivators. “The rewarding part is the students. How we change their lives.”

2108 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem | 610.419.1209 |

Best Boutique Workout

Sweat Like a Girl

Sweat Like A Girl is a girls-only fitness experience designed for women, by women. Their offerings include pole fitness, Zumba, indoor cycling and more. And if you’re still unsure whether you’d like to try it, the first class is free! They also offer a “fight club” class that covers basic punches and kicks. We’d tell you more about it, but that would, of course, violate the first rule of fight club…

311 B Industrial Dr., Nazareth | 610.624.3050 |

Best Crossfit Training

Test Your Metal Fitness & Performance

Test Your Metal Fitness & Performance—formerly known as CrossFit Advanced—offers group classes as well as private coaching and personal training with their certified coaches. They’re also home to one of the newest and largest indoor practice facilities in the Lehigh Valley, which includes 10,000 square feet of indoor turf. Be sure to sign up for your free trial class!

3601 Sullivan Trl., Easton | 610.829.1070 |

Best Nutritionist

Amber Kinney

St. Luke’s University Health Network Weight Management Center

Fad diets have no place in Amber Kinney’s world. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for her patients to have slogged their way through one or two before finding their way to her. “For most people who come to our center, it’s not the first thing they’ve tried,” says Kinney, a registered dietician who works at the St. Luke's University Health Network Weight Management Center. She helps patients design and implement weight loss strategies. “Our goal is to be as realistic as possible,” she says. “They’re not going on a diet. They’re changing the way they eat moving forward.” And the number on the scale only tells part of the story. “Our big thing is to improve the quality of life,” Kinney says. She’s been coach and cheerleader to thousands of patients during her four years on the job. Kinney recalls one man who was limited to walking in a pool as his only source of exercise when he started the program. A year and a half later, he’s down 120 pounds and he’s training for a half marathon. Kinney says victories like that remind her that she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing with her life. “I feel like every day is still the honeymoon period of my job.”

Various area locations | 1.866.785.8537 |