Left to right: Cheryl Doll, Tom Garrity, Cheyenne Bennett


Family Business Experts

Compass Point, LLC

1525 Valley Center Pkwy. Suite 300, Bethlehem | 610.336.0514 |

After serving as president for two manufacturing family businesses, it became clear that Tom Garrity thrived in the family business setting, creating dialogue and building strategy into a format that everyone understood. He launched Compass Point in 2003 to help family business owners build great companies. The team expanded with the addition of Cheyenne Bennett and Cheryl Doll, in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Compass Point is a family business advisory firm that blends coaching and consulting to drive profitable, scalable growth and develop the leadership necessary to successfully transition to the next generation. When families uncover and address complex, emotionally charged challenges in their business/personal life, they can find clarity, direction and family harmony. Compass Point specializes in strategic planning, leadership development, family business governance, succession and ownership transition planning.

The focus at Compass Point is to work simultaneously on the three interdependent and overlapping groups of the family business system—family, business and ownership. They believe that a well-run family business—built on strong leadership, strategy and culture—can thrive for generations.