The Zealot Chef Restaurateur


1223 W. Broad St. Bethlehem | 610.419.3810 | bethlehemmint.com

“I chose the word ‘zealot’ because nobody believed I would ever make it,” says Domenico “Mimmo” Lombardo, restaurateur behind theMint Gastropub, which celebrates eight years in business. The naysayers said that using alternative ingredients was a mistake, that making frequent menu changes would cause him to fail. It was up to him and only him to believe in himself.

“Every day, week, month, year, I still fight against the norm, the monotone tide of complacency and acceptance.” Lombardo delights in shaking up the culinary status quo, deconstructing classic household recipes and reassembling them using modern technique, technical know-how and a measure of whimsy. He bridges the gap between fine dining and a sports bar with a distinctively chill atmosphere and great music selection. Craft beers, esoteric wines and classic cocktails refreshed with new world applications all add to the experience.

Thanks to Lombardo, theMINT is always changing, always evolving. Customers never know what they’re going to get, but they know it’s going to be amazing.