Sport Psychology

Megan Cannon, Ph.D.

Dr. Megan: Sport & Performance Psychologist | 5050 Tilghman St., Allentown | 610.554.6842 |

In the world of athletics, physical skill only goes so far and it’s the athlete who performs at their peak with their mental game intact who succeeds. Sport psychologist Dr. Megan Cannon knows very well how demanding competition can be. Growing up as an athlete and dancer, she experienced the unrelenting pressure of training and competing, and its impact on performance. She made it her professional mission to help athletes achieve peak performance and strong emotional health, on and off the field.

For those who want that competitive edge, Dr. Megan offers individual coaching sessions, in-person or remotely, that develop skills to manage performance anxiety, build confidence, set and achieve goals, increase motivation and enhance overall emotional health. “And with a background in both clinical and performance psychology, I’m able to work with athletes struggling with life beyond their sport as well,” she says. Dr. Megan has appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter and works with teams at every level across the country. Parents and coaches always tell her, “I wish I had a resource like this when I was competing!”