Heart Care

Dr. Ronald S. Freudenberger

Lehigh Valley Heart Institute | 1200 S. Cedar Crest Blvd., Allentown | 888.402.5846 |

Every day, cardiologist Dr. Ronald S. Freudenberger makes a difference in the lives of patients at Lehigh Valley Heart Institute. He’s one of a comprehensive team of heart specialists there who take on the difficult heart care challenges, even ones that other hospitals won’t touch. “This,” he says, “combined with excellent patient care, a passion for collaboration and unrivaled expertise, puts us head and shoulders above the rest.”

For Dr. Freudenberger, medicine was a calling. His grandfather, Rudolph, was a physician who fled Nazi Germany in 1938 and came to New York City where he cared for the immigrant population in Washington Heights. Dr. Freudenberger never met his grandfather. “He passed away before I was born but his legend lived on.”

Inspired physicians like Dr. Freudenberger are one reason why more people trust Lehigh Valley Heart Institute with their cardiac care than anywhere else in the region. Technology and treatments are constantly evolving, but doctors there never lose focus on the patient as an individual. Says one Dr. Freudenberger patient: “He listens and takes time explaining and answering questions. I have complete trust in him.”