Danielle Bennicoff

For most of us, dining at restaurants or relying on takeout for every weeknight dinner is not an ideal option. The calories and dollars add up when a simpler option is waiting for you right in your pantry. Read more


It seems like just last week I was starting my first day here at LVS as the summer editorial intern. Read more


Just when you thought the trickiest parts of making the transition from high school to college were over (testing, applications, interviews) the reality of packing up your life and moving to college is quickly sinking in. Read more

Tips & Tricks

Even though the end of summer is quickly closing in, August isn’t too late to get your lawn in prime condition for the remaining outdoor activities. After all, the days are still warm and the grills are still firing. Read more


Despite our best efforts to protect our skin from the sun’s seething rays, sometimes Mother Nature gets the best of us and we end up looking more like a lobster than the sun-kissed beach goddess we had in mind. Read more

Style Picks

It’s July, and it might as well be the official month for pool parties! There has never been a better time to invite the friends and family over to cool off poolside. Read more


Hello again! This should be my third blog entry, but it is only my second, thanks to an unexpected bout of sickness last week that put me out of commission for a while. I always knew there was never a “good” time to be sick, but that saying... Read more


Hello everyone! As Style’s newest editorial intern, I’ve been keeping myself very busy the past few days getting used to my new surroundings and responsibilities. Read more