Jennifer & Andrew June 18, 2016 | Hotel Bethlehem   What is the very best part about getting married in the Lehigh Valley? The talented local vendors! My husband and I live outside of New York City. Friends of ours who got married nea... Read more

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Lillian Freeman Owner   Allegro Dance Studios   What options do couples have when planning for their first dance? Bridal couples have the opportunity to choose from learning a few dance moves to a fully choreographed dance. Dan... Read more


There’s no denying that a gradual disintegration of a sense of community is occurring in today’s society—exacerbated by digital distractions and isolated communication. Nevertheless, one visionary in the Valley avows that with a little effort and... Read more

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Planning a wedding is an extremely daunting task considering you’ve probably never thrown a celebration this monumental before. Like anything else in life, it’s wise to learn from those who have already pulled it off. That’s why we asked some pas... Read more

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You got the ring! Now what? What’s next? When can you finally say, “I do”? Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. Let’s face it—the whole process will be every form of whelming other than “under,” but that’s alright. Fortunately, we’ve handled... Read more

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While knowing what to wear and even how to wear it can be a challenge for many of us, there is one event that makes this question even more challenging: the wedding. Truth is, this particular circumstance can go beyond just wearing something “nic... Read more

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So you’ve found the love of your life and have decided to get married. Mazel tov! Before I lay out your comprehensive guide to mastering the big day, let’s take a second and acknowledge some really significant accomplishments that you’ve achieved... Read more

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You’re planning a fairytale ceremony to unite two loving hearts in everlasting, starry-eyed marital bliss, but that doesn’t mean you’re oblivious to the attendant practical matters. A modern marriage is entered into with love and a level he... Read more

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“I don’t know a lot about anything else, but I do know weddings,” Susan Powell admits. No one in the Lehigh Valley would dispute that she knows just about everything regarding a woman’s most important day. Read more

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The venue, the menu, the guest list, the flowers, the dress—there are so many details to consider in the midst of planning a wedding, and everything’s got to be just so, right down to the tips of your fingers. Read more

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