Our Favorite Things

So are you prepared to take the OFT Challenge this year and check out every one of Our Favorite Things? If you are, our staff's annual roundup of favorites will be an exercise in fun for all!   “There is a somewhat busy path nearby, but i... Read more

Things To Do

What a great year we had in the Valley shopping, dining and finding new and exciting entertainment options. As usual, our list of Favorite Things was easy to compile since there are more great things going on here every day. Read more

Style Picks

New things to see and do, and places that we have loved all along: that’s what’s on the Our Favorite Things list this year. Read more

Style Picks

If you could look down on the Lehigh Valley from above, like on Google Earth, you would see more little locationpins than ever! Over the course of the last year, blueprints became buildings, new retail shops opened and established area busi... Read more

Style Picks