This family operation values clean ingredients and nutritious meals. more

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The menu includes sweet potato gnocci, roasted brussels sprouts and red wine ranberry sauce. more


They're available for purchase at Wegmans and Whole Foods. more

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Zen Chocolate

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Best sellers include sea salt caramel and peanut butter almond crunch. more

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Yobo Cafe was launched by two Lehigh University students in SouthSide Bethlehem. more

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They're serving specialty burgers, nachos, scallops and more! more

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JAK-E Potato

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The eatery just reopened after nearly 10 years. more

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Get your latte and floral arrangement all in one place. more

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The name stands for macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, bacon grilled cheese. more

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Located on Church Street in Bethlehem. more

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Sumo also offers traditional sushi, hot Japanese entrées and neo-Asian dishes. more

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Nesting Box

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Aside from being farm-fresh and cage-free, learn why these eggs are the healthier option. more

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It's made with activated charcoal from the shells of young coconuts and a total must-lick. more

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The Nutella Pie is just one of The Brick's three dessert pies. more

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bell hall

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Everything you need to eat at #bestofthelv more

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Learning is fun when dessert is the subject. more

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The Torrillos purchased the 100-year-old company from the Sandts in 2015. more

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