Fresh Perspectives With Jaime K

I anticipate the month of September in much the same way that I anticipated going to summer camp when I was growing up. Whenever I saw photos taken at camp from the year before, it proved how much experience one can pack into a relatively short p... Read more

Business Bits

Summer feels like a time for youthful mindsets and adventuring. Summer reading, summer vacation, summer songs. If our lives are a collection of moments, the long days mean we have even more time to create authentic experiences. If you’re looking ... Read more

Things To Do

Our lives and our actions are not without impact. The Lehigh Valley is unique because those of us who live, work and play here are powerfully and directly affecting our communities. For creatives and entrepreneurial-idealists, this may be one of ... Read more


One of the many reasons I love the Lehigh Valley is because you get to really experience the four seasons here, each bringing so many identifiable traits that there is no mistaking time is passing and the weather ushers us into another cyclical... Read more


I couldn’t think of a better way to begin telling you about who I am than to tell you a story about my Dad, which is ultimately a story about how one thing can shift the course of our lives, and our perspectives. It’s a story about breaking down ... Read more