Joshua Herring

  UNDER $15   Bell Hall Keep it simple in a gourmet way. At this new addition to Allentown’s restaurant scene—with a charming, historic vibe—you can sit back with your mom and enjoy a mouthwatering burger and other comfort cuisine wit... Read more


There’s no denying that a gradual disintegration of a sense of community is occurring in today’s society—exacerbated by digital distractions and isolated communication. Nevertheless, one visionary in the Valley avows that with a little effort and... Read more

Volunteer Spotlight

Carrie Oesmann recalls completing a school career project when she was in fifth grade. The subject she reported on, based on the theme “what you want to be when you grow up,” stuck with her for years. She was finally able to pursue her “dream” pr... Read more

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1741 on the Terrace

Photo by Alison Conklin

That special someone deserves an exceptional Valentine’s dinner, and what better way to treat them than with reservations at one of Lehigh Valley’s distinctive and delicious dining options. Here are 22 to choose from, each with its own unique cui... Read more