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This is it, the smooth, elegant Porsche of fall purses. Its rich, supple leather will enhance any wardrobe choice with subtle sophistication. Read more

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At the start of any de-cluttering process, it’s always tempting to try and tackle the problem all at once. But, de-cluttering your kitchen is a task that is better managed in stages, especially if you lead a busy life. Read more

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Your wardrobe is the only place you can express your fashion sense with pops of color. Here are 4 fab color options you can pick up locally. Don’t be shy, just apply! Read more

Style Picks

Does a yoga session on a sparkling lake amidst a lush forest sound too good to be true? And what if that session was only a short drive away? Read more


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Hi, my name is Kelsey Leck, and I’m the new editorial intern at LVS! Before I get started talking about my experience as an intern, let me begin by telling you a little about myself. Read more