Konnor Yurchak


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Attire explained [with pictures]. Read more

Best of 2017


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If you are unfamiliar with The Perfect Fit for Working Women, they are a nonprofit career development center and boutique for low income women entering the workforce. Based out of the Allentown YMCA and a program of the YWCA, The Perfect Fit prov... Read more

Volunteer Spotlight


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beautyblender® is a global company offering unique must-have products for the beauty lovers; most notably, their highly acclaimed makeup sponges. The distinct egg shape of these blenders allows you to apply foundation seamlessly to create a flawl... Read more



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Things To Do


X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors: The first main stage performance hosts a few high-charting artists. Creators of many “I didn’t know that was them”-type songs, X Ambassadors has slowly come out of the shadows into the top 40 scene since forming in 2009. The altern... Read more



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Food is fantastic, let’s all just be honest for a second. Different types of food samples from award winning eateries are even more fantastic. At the same time, however, it can be frustrating. It’s like the internal “what do I want for dinner ton... Read more

Best of 2016

We could sit here and list all the possibilities of outfits for you and your friends or significant other to wear to the Best of the Lehigh Valley 2016 Party on the 29th but, as the cliché goes, they are endless. We figured a quick checklist with... Read more

Best of 2016

Fear not! With 12 award-winning food vendors there will be an exclusive chance to sample some of the best food in the Valley. From Chickie’s and Pete’s to Matey’s to Copperhead Grille to Yocco’s, we have food cove... Read more

Best of 2016