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In Joe Grisafi’s kitchen aspirations, all burners are set on “high.” This supercharged restaurateur wants to change the way you think about dining and entertainment in the Lehigh Valley. Grisafi, 35, is the mastermind behind Corked, which burs... Read more


Chef Steve Kershner has worked in restaurants his entire life and he can’t imagine doing anything else. For him, it’s not really work at all. Like many successful entrepreneurs, he started early. As a teen, he logged 40 hours a week in the kit... Read more


Chef John Pukanecz is a renowned figure on the Lehigh Valley dining scene. He’s won awards, respect from his peers and has a loyal following at his West End Allentown restaurant, Grille 3501. A local celebrity, for sure, but he’d rather you ju... Read more


Chef Michael Joyce is excited. His spinach has arrived, delivered to the restaurant’s back door by the farmer who picked it just hours ago. “Go ahead and taste these,” he says. Four leaves of bright green spinach sit on a white plate. They are... Read more


With a name like 29 Cooks, you would imagine the kitchen of this Emmaus culinary center gets pretty crowded, yet there’s just one woman behind the name. One dynamic lady with the energy and creativity of 29 cooks, and her name is Cindie Feldman. ... Read more


Michael Adams is anxious to get started. As the new executive chef for the Hotel Bethlehem, he has high hopes of making an impact on the hotel’s kitchen. “I don’t want to make mediocre dishes,” he says. “I want to make them great.” While his f... Read more


Imagine you’re in charge of catering Zoellner Art Center’s biggest fundraiser of the year. At any minute more than 400 well-dressed patrons of the arts will stream through the doors and your hors d’oeuvres have gone AWOL. This was Chad Licsko’s ... Read more


Standing on the deck of Lisa Stephen’s house in Eastport, Maine, you can look across the water and see Canada. The wide, open space affords a panoramic view of the Bay of Fundy. Small islands dot the bay, including Campobello Island where a young... Read more

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